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Terms of Service


In order to get started, we need a 30% deposit of the agreed-upon price. We will let you know exactly what the deposit price is, as sometimes we round up or down to the nearest even amount. This payment is non-refundable as we require it to purchase supplies, secure your spot in the queue and do initial planning and research. After that you may make payments on the suit itself, though we will not ship the final product until you've paid off the price and shipping in full. We also ask to keep payment plans to be paid off within 1-3 months time, depending on the commission type. We can discuss situational exceptions. We accept payments through PayPal and Square at this time. Final payments must be received BEFORE construction can begin.


We do not accept firm deadlines. Please understand that the creation and building of fursuits, fursuit parts, and kigus takes time, as does ordering fur and other materials that are needed. Also remember that there may be other commissions ahead of yours, and that progress does not happen instantaneously. If there are no deadlines provided, one shall be provided to the client with a rough estimate as to when the commission should be completed. This is based off of the time it will take to build and its current position in the queue. This estimate of time is NOT a guaranteed delivery date and may be subject to delays. Delays include, but are not limited to, incoming priority rush orders, out of stock materials, equipment failures, illness, or other extenuating circumstances. If you have a convention you would like to debut the suit or kigu at please do let us know and we will do our best to get it to you by then. Rush fees may occur.


Quotes are fully discussed and agreed upon between ourselves (BEASTmode Fursuits) and the customer. They are only good at the time they are originally quoted and will expire after a month's time due to possible price changes. We don’t discuss the quotes we’ve given to other customers for privacy reasons.


The projects accepted into the queue are completely up to us (BEASTmode Fursuits) as the maker. We have the right to deny any project any reason including time constraints, materials constraints, other obligations, etc. We will not make copyrighted characters on commission. We will do our best to send the commissioner updates when significant progress has been made or when said updates are requested. Queue is completed on a First Come, First Serve basis! Everyone is on a wait list until their slot comes up, they then will have the best one on one personal service to ensure everything turns out perfect. On occasion, some suits will be worked on in tandem with kigus and other projects to ensure that wait times aren't exorbitant. You're always welcome to contact us to find out queue placement, but remember! Nobody likes line cutters!

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We do our absolute best to maintain frequent contact with the customer throughout the process. If we don't hear from you for more than 6 months, and we've made multiple attempts to contact you, your commission and balance is considered forfeit, you are no longer entitled to the commissioned suit or materials, and we will significantly re purpose the suit to sell.

It will be changed so that it bears MINIMAL resemblance your original character.
Work in progress pictures are available, and can be texted or emailed to you.

We occasionally post WIP pictures on social media as well. 
We want you to enjoy your suit, so if you do not like a certain aspect of your suit while it is in the midst of construction, do not tell us “it looks great, I love it” or any variation that could lead us to believe otherwise. We appreciate constructive criticism to ensure the suit turns out to the both of our expectations! If you would like any changes made, you must contact us with the update immediately.

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All suits and suit parts have a one year warranty. In which, we will do minor repairs from general wear or any defects in the suit itself.
You must pay shipping to and from, but will not have to pay for the repairs. If we deem that the damage was due to your negligence or unnecessary roughness with the suit, we may ask for a small fee to repair it.
If your suit comes damaged right out of the box, you must send photos of the damage the day you receive the item. You then have 7 days to ship it back for repairs. Please contact us before sending the item to be repaired (PLEASE DON'T SEND UNWASHED SUITS, WE WILL NOT WASH THEM FOR YOU!)

 Any unauthorized alterations void the warranty.


Shipping costs are not included in the price of any costume, they will be an additional charge. Shipping costs may vary and one should expect to pay an additional fee for insurance. Please keep in mind, we have the right to select shipping methods and carriers. We are also NOT responsible for any lost or damage received product. ALL overseas will be handled through USPS. Customs fees are the client's responsibility.


WE DO NOT DO REFUNDS! If you're unhappy with the final product upon arrival, and it's something that is reasonably fixed let us know! Ship it back and we will fix our mistakes. We reserve the right to cancel the commission at any stage we deem necessary due to rude, threatening, or unseemly behavior by the customer. If we do choose to cancel a commission BEFORE IT'S BEEN STARTED, a partial refund will be given to the customer. Unless fully discussed and agreed upon, changes cannot be made to the commission after we've bought the materials and begun. Should the commission be cancelled for any reason, we reserve the right to sell the parts (with adequate changes) to recoup our losses. 


Please let me know if you have a pet allergy!! We do have a dog in our home. We can't completely control where his dander and fur goes. We do keep our workstations cleaned, well vacuumed, and free of his fur. However, if you have a severe pet allergy, choosing a different maker might be a good idea. No hard feelings :)


We are not comfortable working with minors (under the age of 18). We will however, be willing to work with parents or legal guardians to make your suit. We will need photo proof of your ID or your parent!


A reference of sorts is required to work on all commissions. If the request is basic enough (single-color, nothing extravagant), a simple written reference may be enough. For more complicated characters, we require at least a front-and-back drawn reference of decent quality. Please make sure you give us one comprehensive reference sheet. Your ref sheet must be safe for work. If you need one, we can provide one for you at a small fee. 
    A duct tape dummy (DTD) is required for any item with body coverage (bodysuits, armsleeves, legsleeves, etc). The customer will be told at the time of the quote whether or not a DTD will be needed. We have the right to refuse to take your commission if you cannot supply a DTD. Please tape your DTD back up and write your name and character name on the DTD before sending it.
Make sure to pay special attention to making the crotch and armpits snug (but not too tight). We also ask you tape all the way down past your ankles, for accuracy.
Measurements are required for heads. We need the circumference, in inches, around your head just above your eyebrows. 
​Footpaws require a shoe size or show provided by the client for perfect sizing. Handpaws require a tracing on paper of your hand.


It is the responsibility of the wearer of the suit to take all necessary health precautions when performing in the suit. Fursuits and fursuit parts are worn at the user's own risk. We, BEASTmode Fursuits, assume no responsibility for any personal damage or health effects suffered from misuse of our product. Please stay hydrated and within your personal health boundaries while suiting.

Terms of Service: Homepage_about
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